I’m Haloveir, a 30-something woman that’s escaped from the South and into the cornfields of Illinois. I’m a writer of speculative fiction, dark fantasy, horror, and romance (and sometimes all four at once) and a fierce lover of books. Currently I write over on Medium, co-own the Pagan site ev0ke, and am working towards launching a publishing and editing house called Rowanwood Productions.

I’m also a practicing witch and Pagan, with a focus on honoring nature spirits, ancestors, and the Hellenic pantheon (though I’m a firm believer that all gods and all loving paths are sacred). The only things keeping me from escaping into the woods and howling to my gods in feral chants under the moonlight is a love of indoor plumbing and the knowledge that mosquitos would eat me alive within the first few hours.

While many folks have been on a self-care, self-improvement kick since COVID first started, I’m rather late to the party. I struggle with depression, am easily sidetracked, and tend to live inside my own head a good bit. No time like the present to get started, though. This site serves as a sort of central landing for all of my projects and goals, including my pen names. Why use “Haloveir” instead of my actual name? Just take a quick look at how many “Ashley Nicole Hunter”s you can find and you’ll start to get an idea.